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YOU MAY not think a vegetarian author would have violence on his mind!
Yet that's exactly what Jean Jacques Sandras produces in is latest offering "Conrad and Alice, crime investigators" the series.
The first two episodes, introduce the reader to an unlikely couple; Alice, 26, a French psychologist and Conrad, a South African pensioner in his late sixties. In the first episode Marie, a young art student, is murdered in her Paris apartment. Her art teacher’s wife, Linda, is the prime suspect because Marie was her husband’s mistress. Alice calls upon Conrad to help her prove that Linda, a former patient, is innocent. A wild goose chase ends up nabbing the guilty party.
In the episode two Rita, a fervent vegan activist, is suspected of murdering Sylvie, a journalist who frequently... (read more from Friend's Gazette - March-April 2017)

Friend's Gazette - March-April 2017

This is an enchanting trilogy telling the story of a poor serf Gaston, who wants to become a knight, but it helps if you're in the know on this one.
Gaston is the adopted son of a childless couple, incredibly poor and somehow he manages to become a knight, but not the sort he envisaged.
Surprisingly, through a series of uncanny happenstances, he is sucked into an alternative path to the one he thought he wanted - he becomes a knight on the path of spirituality.
He starts to move in circles where he encounters royalty, fighting armies, the dark force of evil and much more. Having saved the life of a dwarf, he eams unquestioning loyalty from the man he saved... (read more from Friend's Gazette - February 2016)

Friend's Gazette - February 2016