Conrad in the Making & Conrad on Trial

Conrad Making & Conrad on Trial
Conrad in the Making is a simplified partial biography of a young man beginning with his childhood in Johannesburg and ending when he is twenty-three years old in the Punjab. It describes the events in his life which converted him from a typical South African Protestant to a follower of the Buddhist philosophy corresponding to Christ’s message. The story begins with his experiences in Southern Africa as a child, schoolboy and young man until the age of nineteen. In 1967 during 9 months he meets interesting people while visiting various countries in Western Europe and especially while working in London. Back in Johannesburg he undergoes an existential crisis under pleasant conditions resulting in travelling again in 1970. He lives for 3 months on a kibbutz in Israel, visits Greece for a month and finally reaches India where he meets a mystic who enlightens him. The author’s description of his search for the meaning of life is a happy one. It can be read with pleasure by old and young alike.

Conrad on Trial is an imaginary court case describing Conrad’s state of mind after some fifty years of trying to live according to what he learnt in India in 1971.

«Conrad in the making & Conrad on triel» published by Yvelinédition (March, 2020)
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Language: English